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go and eat some fucking food.


May 4, 2013 at 11:47am

Catalina - Rose Bay, Sydney

There are a number of restaurants in this world where the food could truly suck, the service could be abysmal beyond belief and seating after seating diners would continue to pack them full. Why, might you ask? Sometimes having a good time takes precedence over the aforementioned restaurant qualities. If you go to Pastis on LW12th and 9th in New York you’ll see what I mean. The food is subpar at best and it takes an hour to get a fucking serve of Eggs Benedict but the place is jam packed 16 hours a day.
This is a roundabout way of telling you that Catalina is not a restaurant which you go to to take photos and post on Instagram saying how you think the chef must have hand picked the lemons served with the oysters because they were oh so perfect and piquant and blabla you get what I mean. They serve pretty good food. The location is INCREDIBLE. The service is better than your local RSL. They have a good wine list (with a decent representation of White Burgundy which is always a plus in my eyes). Most importantly if you go to Catalina you can have a good time and be around some fun people.
If you visit Catalina expecting to have the world’s most amazing gastronomic experience backed up by Michelin style service then you’ll probably leave quite upset, and maybe even post a negative review on a site like this one. Conversely if you go expecting a good time while enjoying the view and possibly bumping into some friends then you’ll probably leave very happy.
nb: Try the Dory matched with a Criots-Bâtard-Montrachet by Blain Gagnard. You’ll thank me.
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